How to stop playing at the casino

Take the first step

If gambling in general, and playing online slots in particular, have caused problems in your life, do not despair. To date, safe strategies for dealing with gambling addiction have been developed. Take action to change your life. Set goals Set short-term and long-term goals. This will help you stop playing slot machines, focus on solving the problem, and control your gaming behavior. Avoid high-risk situations High-risk situations, such as having” extra ” money in your pocket, making new loans, having large amounts of money with you, using gambling halls and online casinos as a place to socialize, or trying to relax and get away from negative emotions by playing in a casino can weaken your determination to control or quit the game.

Talk about the problem

Talk about your problem with someone you trust, who will listen and not judge you. This can ease your condition, reduce the stress due to ongoing games. Ask for help If you find it too difficult to solve a problem on your own, contact our specialists for help. Today, many people seek professional help. In Russia, you can find free and confidential support. Your disease is called ludomania. Be aware of your condition and behavior Knowing that you are a problem gambler can lead to feelings of shame and guilt. Self-incrimination and self-harm can increase tension and cause gaming disruptions. However, recognizing the existence of problems and finding solutions to them, seeking help from specialists can help you change your life for the better. Don’t blame yourself Stop blaming yourself and focus on the actions you take to solve the problem. Evaluate your positive results in dealing with casino gambling addiction; write them down to remind yourself of your strengths. Try to find an alternative to gambling Many people play slots and slot machines, for example on, due to not knowing “what to do next” … try to fill your time with alternative activities or hobbies. Be prepared for disruptions If you have decided not to play any more games, then there may well be disruptions. Don’t get discouraged if you lose your temper. Use this to find out what states, stimuli, and actions are causing breakdowns. After a breakdown, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your treatment plan — what worked and what doesn’t work in it. Help for players Call a loved one or talk to a specialist. Tell us about your feelings. If you suffer from an excessive online gambling addiction (your own or a loved one’s hobby), the help of professional psychologists and addiction specialists can be very effective.

Financial management

Arrange for someone you trust to help manage your funds. Calculate your short-term and long-term needs. Create an invoice that will be used to pay your salary. You can issue a power of attorney for a loved one to receive a salary. Close loans and credit cards or give them to a trusted person. Carry a limited amount of money with you. Make an agreement with the bank to provide a daily limit for withdrawing funds via an ATM. Tell your family and friends what you’re doing and ask them not to give you money. Issue a power of attorney to manage your funds to two close reliable people. Cancel the option to withdraw cash by credit card. Pay your bills by direct debit or cheque. Don’t keep large amounts of money in the house. Pay all possible bills. Consider paying some bills upfront. Decide on what “joys”you wantYou would spend money and save for it regularly. Voluntary self-exclusion If you have problems with gambling in an online casino and want to protect yourself from gambling, take part in the voluntary self-exclusion program. Choose the casinos, gaming halls, online platforms, and slot sites that you usually go to and sign a no-entry agreement with the management. The agreement gives the casino employees the right to expel you from the establishment, if you still come to it.